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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Have You Ever Wondered About the Universe and Time

Here are some of my thoughts on it

If the Universe is ever expanding, and Time is not linear but a constant ... all time is now. How can the Universe be expanding?

Something else to make you go hmmmmm?

Love and Light


Friday, January 28, 2005

Exciting New Adventures

Exciting new adventures on the creast of your horizon. You just heard about a new VENTURE and you know with out a shadow of a doubt this is for you.

You jump in full force, finding out more information, getting it all set up. You are so pumped you can see the final outcome clear as the back of your hand.

Then a blow ... you tell someone who you figure would be behind you 100%. They rip apart your very dream. Knife slashing gashes at everything you know will work. Ah then that statement ..."I am only saying this for your own good" Pain starts to set into your dream. It begins to crumble
Wheels in your head start turning ... remembering the last time you told this person about your good fortune and the time before that. Each time it made you doubt yourself.

Hmmmmmm Is it really me they are talking about? Or is it them? Is it for my own good or for their own good? DON'T LISTEN TO NAY SAYERS ...

For Your Own Good!!! ... NOT!!

Always Remember you are never given a dream that you can't manifest!!!!!
Listen to people who give practical advice .. those whom are in the field you are chosing or similar fields. People who give supportive information.

Do your best and have fun. Nothing is ever accomplished if you don't try.

Live Life Have Fun

Creative Heart

Saturday, January 01, 2005

Major Self Growth

Have you ever noticed that when you are working towards a goal and your are almost about to complete that goal , things get really difficult?

Sometimes it is so difficult you want to give up!

DON'T!!!! GIVE UP! Remember You are Never Given a Dream you can't manifest!

Here is what I do -

Don't worry ... it is a waste of energy.

First I write about everything that is going on. I get it out of me and on paper.

Next I take a deep breath ... then hold it for a few seconds ... then slowly exhale.

Then I read what I wrote. And I ask myself what can I do anything to change anything? Is what's going on real or in my head?

If it is real, the question is, can I change something or do I let it run it's course?

When changes are possible change it, then let it run it's course.

If not see what happens ... learn and take action.

Never Quit even if you have to stop and start over Never quit.

Take babe steps every day. Learn what you need to move forward. Surround yourself with people who support you and keep going. :D

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Things that make you Go Hmmmmm?


Have you ever Thought about something you really, really need but just could afford?
Then the next day or a few days later it becomes affordable?

Have you wonder why when you worry about something it usually happens?
Or just the opposite ... kind of like the Awe moment from October 28th 04

Only just focus on a positive outcome ... see the event working out for the best somehow.

Try this little experiment folks .... Think about seeing a certain type of car of a specific colour.
Then sit back and notice how many cars that suit that car and colour you see over the next few days.

Go head try it with something simple ... then work it up in baby steps to something big, then something bigger ... see how far you can take it.

Good luck ... Let me know how it turns out.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

An AH HA Moment

Have you ever notice when the ... Hits the fan. You run around like a chicken with it's head cut off (and they do make a BIG mess folks when the're running) The harder you try the worse it gets. Then when your so exhausted you THROUGH you hands up in the air and say forget it.

Everything falls into place ... I don't know why but it does.
Here is the Ah Ha moment folks

We can't do anything anyway... when everything has exploded ... other then maybe some damage control ... but after that... it's a waste of Time!

The moral here...

Do your best ... because that is all we can do! If it explodes learn from it. Don't worry Be Happy : D